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With over 20 years of experience in his field, Detective Gomez is the best private investigator in the Dallas area. He graduated from Dallas Baptist University where he obtained his Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice. Continuing to pursue his dream, he then completed his Masters Degree from the University of Phoenix where he specialized in Psychology. Detective Gomez then served the Dallas Metropolitan area with law enforcement for more than 12 years. His experiences have allowed him to achieve an expanded skill set, which is what he works as now, a private detective specializing on infidelity investigations. With experience in both criminal and civil cases, trust that Detective Gomez puts his heart and soul into his work. Since 1998, he’s been the chief detective for the TV show “Cheaters”. It is his passion and dedication that makes no case unsolvable for him. Detective Gomez manages all his client cases with utmost professionalism, confidentiality and trust. He makes sure all his clients needs are met and treats them all with respect and consideration. Ultimately, you will not find another private detective who is fully committed to providing his clients with accurate and truthful information, along with trust and confidentiality. If you are ever in need or doubt about your relationship and need someone who can guide you and trust, then Detective Gomez is your expert guy.


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Detective Gomez has utilized his many years of service in the police force, and used his experience and training to become an exceptional investigator.

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