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You Are Not Alone

An ExtraMarital Affair; The Lowest Point of Your Life 

Picture this scenario:

An email in your inbox says that your husband has been cheating with another woman.

A mysterious phone call, from an unknown number claims to be dating your wife.

A t-shirt found in the back seat of the car.

How do you feel?  Doubt?  Betrayal?  Alone?  Confused?  All of the above and more, I am sure.

First, you do not know what the situation is…could be an affair, maybe there’s a good explanation for these things.  You need to find out the truth.  But how?  You need help now.

Call the best, call Detective Daniel Gomez.

Detective Daniel Gomez is not an ordinary private investigator.  This seasoned professional has many years of experience on both sides of unfaithful spouses. He was a police officer, lead detective for a hit television show “Cheaters,” and he too, was the victim of infidelity once in his life.  He knows the powerless feeling that you are experiencing.  He knows the hours that you have laid at night, wondering what is going on.  He knows and you do not even need to tell him. 

This amazing investigator will sit you down in a private and professional atmosphere, and listen to all your facts, concerns, and questions.  He knows that there are things that are unknown, and this is why he is here.  After listening to the facts, he will thoughtfully design a plan of action to best suit your situation. After fully explaining the steps that he can take to assist you and your situation, he will then be there to listen through every step.

Detective Gomez is not the common everyday investigator that is focused on finding out information, and then on to the next case. He is driven to help each client fully.  Daniel Gomez is focused not only on the facts, but on the client and their feelings.  He delivers the information that he collects, in a compassionate manner.  Detective Gomez is experienced in the emotions related to infidelity. His skills in handling clients are unprecedented.  After delivering the information that was collected, he can then assist the client in the next steps that may be necessary.  

If you want someone who does not care and only wants your hard earned cash, call anyone in the yellow pages.

For a detective that cares for the client, not the cash, call Daniel Gomez,  one of the best private investigators in his field, to handle all of your investigative needs. Call him today 214.823.5600 or visit

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