Women – The Best Liars On Earth


Women or Men?  Which is the Proven Liar?

Believe it or not, the question,”Who is the best liar, men or women?”  is being researched and written about around the world by scientists and authors.   Is there a difference between the two sexes and their abilities to evade the truth? Studies say most definitely.  In fact, some studies show that women are twice as likely to lie than men.

Researchers have determined that women are in fact “better” liars than men.  Why?  Let’s examine the differences between the lying that each sex is guilty of committing:

Men are opportunity liars.  Typically, males are less concerned with someone else’s feelings or the results of stating the truth.  They typically lie when in a pinch, to fix an immediate situation.  Men are simplistic liars, when compared to the skills that women possess, and although men believe that they are better liars, the truth is they are not. 

And why do researchers think that women have perfected the craft of deception?  Some believe that this trait comes from mothers.  Mothers have the need to not hurt others feelings or cause pain.  So the lies that keep the family happy and healthy come naturally from the female species.  Others believe that easy white lie habits are passed down to equalize an unfair world that treats females differently. 

Men tend to forget their lies and then get caught up in the mess.  Women are more clever when they tell a lie, more sophisticated. Women involve planning in their lies and an attention to detail that men do not usually show when being untruthful.  This is the key talent needed to be a successful cheater.  Farrah Fawcett once admitted to an 11 year affair during her marriage to Ryan, Madonna cheated on Guy Ritchie, even Anne Heche revealed that she cheated on Ellen.  And the list goes on and on.

You don’t want to be an “Ellen” or a “Ryan” and believe that the one that you love is your soulmate and your friend.  You do not deserve to spend one sleepless night wondering if the relationship is on stable ground.  Find out right now, if she is as good a liar as the statistics show.  

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