Woman Beaten With Fire Extinguisher And Robbed at Statler Hotel



Joanna King is thankful to be alive but angry that the man that police say beat her into a coma is out of jail. King was attacked by a stranger at the Statler Hotel in Downtown Dallas. 

She says her life has not been the same and she is worried he may hurt someone else.

“It has been a really traumatic experience.” It was the worst night of her life when a total stranger attacked her and left her for dead.

King was a waitress at the Statler Hotel.  In September she was leaving work at night when police say, David Cadena stopped her. He beat her with a fire extinguisher and took off with her car.

King says she does not remember a lot of that night. Cadena beat her so badly that there is a large part of her memory that is gone.

Cadena was found and arrested when he crashed in the parking garage.  King spent two days in a coma.  Her bruises are still visible, but her biggest worry is not her recovery but her concern is that Cadena has been out of jail twice since the attack and can harm someone else since he has a history and tendency to be violent. He has a past charges for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

There is always the unknown of what may happen when it is least expected.  Everyone should be aware of their surroundings at all times, especially as the holiday season draws near.

This incident happened at a higher end hotel. Serves to show that regardless of the location unfortunately there are human beings with malicious intentions.  Be smart protect yourself. 

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