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Nowadays when  you turn on the news,  you  hear stories about women, children and men getting attacked in certain places and in types of ways you never thought possible. A college girl gets kidnapped in her Uber, another girl gets taken while going on a morning run, people get robbed down an alley walking home at night, the point is you never really know when something like that could happen to you and hopefully it never does but unfortunately in this world, we have to be prepared for those circumstances.

This is why I am offering a new line of pepper sprays, specifically for women but can be used by anybody.  These sprays have different types of functions and can be used in several ways. All sprays have increased accuracy, up to 35 bursts (5x more than other brands), they all prevent accidental discharge with a reinforced twist lock and have an impressive range of up to 12 feet. Find out more below!


The first spray we have is the Running Gel Pepper Spray. It comes with a handle you can grab on to whenever you go for a run.  This is really great because it means you have your protection in hand and should anything happen you are immediately prepared and the strap is adjustable.

The second pray is a Lipstick Pepper Spray. More simple, it is disguised as lipstick. You can put it in your purse or wallet if its big enough or even in your back pocket of your jeans/shorts/skirts. The top comes off  like regular lipstick but you’ll see its actually a spray.

The third spray is the Campus Pepper Spray but can be used anywhere. It has finger grip for enhanced control. This one is perfect for college students walking to and from classes  and the dorms, coming back at night from friends houses, parties, etc. Great for putting on a car keychain or backpack.

Our last spray is the dog spray, it has a handy key ring and you can attach it to your dogs leash. Great for when you are out walking your dog early in the morning or late at night and feel like you need extra protection just in case.

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So shop the line of pepper sprays now! Use discount code: FREEDOM for 10%  off  your purchase this week only. Ends at midnight on the 4th.


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