Who Is Cassandra Garcia Hernandez? The Next Texas Representative HD70…Cassandra Garcia Hernandez.


Texas born and raised, Cassandra Garcia Hernandez comes from an extended family that raised her with compassion for others and an exceptional work ethic that she carried with her into adulthood.  After graduating from Garland’s Naaman Forest High School, Cassandra knew that she wanted to pursue a career in which she could assist others.

“I feel passionate about advocating for those who often feel voiceless,” Cassandra has been quoted.

Cassandra immediately enrolled in the University of Houston and graduated on Dean’s List,  and quickly earned her law degree at the South Texas College of Law.  Well on her way to her dreams of advocacy for those who are in need, Cassandra joined her family’s law firm as a bright new attorney in the DFW metroplex.

But Cassandra did not stop there…

Voted Texas Super Lawyers Rising Star 2021 (and a little bird told us 2022)

Voted Top Women Attorneys in Texas 2021

Voted one of D Magazine’s 2021 Best Lawyers Under 40

Voted officer and board member of numerous bars and charities in the DFW area in which she devoted her time.

Appointed to serve as a Commissioner on the City of Dallas Ethics Advisory Commission.

And now, she is about to embark in a position that is rooted in advocacy…

Cassandra Garcia Hernandez wants to work for you.

Cassandra wants to give you a voice in the Texas State House.

Cassandra Garcia Hernandez is in the running for the next Texas Representative HD70.

House District 70 needs someone that can bring a sense of community and advocacy to the district.  Cassandra brings her hard work ethic and compassion for those that need assistance to the senate floor.  Let her represent you, where her competitor has fallen short.  In the past, only those with money had a voice, and it is time to end that era.  Cassandra has the education and the drive to give everyone in HD70 a voice and all of Texans.  She will represent all constituents and fight for the rights of all.

Cassandra is ready and eager to tackle the important issues that affect all citizens in the district.  Along with public safety, her main focuses will be education, economy and of course…health and wellness for all Texans.  Cassandra wants to improve the day to day living here in the great state of Texas, for everyone.

Vote for Cassandra Garcia Hernandez, Texas HD70, and you are voting for the future.

Go to https://link.edgepilot.com/s/e6a9b82c/Ru0fi2lRwE_4ZZFiV6babQ?u=https://casfortx.com/ to find out more about Cassandra and her platform.  Do not hesitate to assist in taking Texas HD70 into the future by donating to the campaign or volunteering in one of the many positions that are available.



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