When a Co-Worker Becomes More Than Just a Coworker | Infidelity at Work


Affairs of the Heart in the Office Setting

Going out to lunch with the department.

Everyone takes breaks in the parking lot.

A quick cell phone call after business hours to check details on the project.

Innocent daily office happenings?

Or the first steps to an office affair?

58% of all office employees have had an illicit affair.

It gets worse…in workers over 50 years of age, the number of cheaters goes up to 72%, according to an article in Forbes magazine in 2019.  Let me reiterate, half of all office workers have had a workplace relationship.  Now, for couples that do not work together, this is an issue.  For those of us that have spouses and partners that work in an office, this can be a real issue in our relationship. 

Office affairs are an everyday occurrence.  These cheaters are completely unaware of the company policies on employee fraternization, nor do they care.  Whether for love, money, power, or just for the thrill of it, the office affair is something that almost every business experiences at one time or another.

Did you know that there are websites like Ashley Madison, that are focused solely on hiding relationships?  There are websites that provide “how to guides” on how to navigate an office affair successfully.  There are links and articles full of tips and tricks on how to hide the infidelity from bosses, coworkers, friends, and even the cheater’s spouse.  Also offered are step by step guides on hiding phone calls, texts, emails, and all those pesky GPS records.

So what happens to all of the spouses and partners that are the victims of these ”under the cover affairs?”  What if they do not even find out about the affair that went on behind their backs?  Does the cheater just live on to cheat another day?  Who picks up the pieces when everyone does find out about the affair? The victims.  The boss that had to fire the couple, the spouses and loved ones of the couple.  And in later years, the children of these broken families.

Don’t be a victim.  Don’t be the one that didn’t know it was going on right under their nose.

Call Detective Daniel Gomez today.   He can use his years of experience in the field of infidelity investigations to reveal any affairs that may be occurring.  He can prevent you from being a victim to these unbelievable statistics.  Daniel Gomez has the knowledge and the technology to get you out of a possible bad situation.

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