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Lori Williams…Erection Wrecker

Seattle Woman Lori Williams…Revenge Unhinged

Lori Williams, Seattle wife and mother, is now known world wide for her act of revenge.

Revenge for catching her cheating husband in the act.

Revenge that was filled with a rage that this mother did not know that she possessed.

Lori Williams, Seattle resident, caused great bodily injury to her husband of many years.

This mild mannered wife and mother spied her husband and his lover.

She then went home and plotted an act of revenge that could only be described as criminal.

Lori Williams waited until her husband was deep asleep, placed his testicles between the pages of their wedding album, and slammed the book shut.  Watching her husband writhe in pain, she called 911 and admitted to the entire assault. Her attack on his manhood ruptured his testicles, causing him a lifelong disability.

Do not let your rage engulf you.

Do not let your anger at another person drive you to commit a crime.

Detective Daniel Gomez advises that you never let another person make you as angry as Lori Williams.  Planning and carrying out acts of violence is never the answer.  Lori Williams does not feel any better after her rampage.  She definitely broke the law and will pay for this act for the rest of her life through a criminal record, bad reputation, and the inability to control her emotions.

We know you are hurting.

We know you might not be yourself.

We know you want to hurt him just like he hurt you.

We know you cannot break the law.

Detective Gomez suggests that if you have suspicions, call him today!  Do not let the worry build up to the point that emotions explode.  Let years of experience work for you, let Detective Daniel Gomez look into your situation and put your mind at ease.  He has the education and experience to assist you in understanding the facts of the case, and he can assist in planning a future without anger and hate.  He wants you to choose the legal route, not the criminal choice.

You need a voice of reason.

You need someone that has the experience to find the facts.

You need someone that can assist you in gaining information, and forming a plan that won’t land you in jail.  You need Detective Daniel Gomez.

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