Valentine’s Day Weekend: SuperBowl, Valentine’s Day and Infidelity, Who Wins?


Sports Headlines:  SuperBowl Double Header, Never Before Seen

SuperBowl Party or QuarterBack Sneak

This SuperBowl is the only one in recent history that falls on the day before Valentine’s Day.

This is the first year that cheaters will be given the opportunity to play around on both days, with different partners.  What a game!

“I am going to the sports bar to watch the SuperBowl.”

“So ‘n so is having a huge SuperBowl watch party, I will be back as soon as the game is over.”

“I have to show up or everyone will think something is wrong.”

“I am in charge of the snacks, I need extra money for food, but that’s okay, right?”

These are all innocent statements, and completely believable for such a monumental day in sports.  Even folks that do not watch NFL football, go to the parties, host BBQs and join in the frivolity of the big game and all it’s get togethers.

To a cheater, these are all great excuses that will cover up his/her flings and infidelities.

To a cheater, this is the perfect day to get away from the spouse/partner.

And this year, 2022, the SuperBowl falls on the day before Valentine’s Day.


To a cheater, he/she can “go watch the SuperBowl” while meeting up and celebrating an early Valentine’s Day with the current fling.  The SuperBowl is the excuse for all the seasoned cheaters to use for the first time in decades.  This year is a chance of a lifetime for infidelity.

And all the while, you are sitting at home, planning the perfect Valentine’s Day celebration for the cheater, who gets two Valentine’s Days with two different partners…


But this is the time that you should be on high alert for any red flags that may show up.  Is your partner planning a “getaway” for the day before Valentine’s Day this year?  Is this getaway disguised as a SuperBowl party?

If you are the one waiting at home, you should be asking yourself some questions like:

Are the extra purchases made for this weekend secret?  Or can you look at the receipts?

Is the party at a mutual friend’s house?  Are you invited also?

Is the watch party at a specific bar, or just “somewhere?”  Could you stop in for the last quarter?

If his/her answers to these questions are “no” then there is…


If you suspect that your love is using the SuperBowl as an excuse to actually meet with another lover, you need to find out now!  You can’t wait until the day before to call someone.  Don’t wait for the headlines the next day to find out who wins in your relationship.

You need to get someone to track down all the information you need.  Call Detective Daniel Gomez today.  This is the biggest and busiest day of the year for all private investigators, you want the best, call Detective Daniel Gomez today.  He is the only one with the experience that you need to get you the information you need and score the happiness that you deserve.

It’s time for you to call the plays in your game of life.

Do not sit on the sideline any longer…

Call Detective Daniel Gomez, get in the game, and win your happiness today!




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