Valentine’s Day A Day For Cheating and Infidelity


Valentine’s Day is now a known as a “Hallmark holiday” a special day meant to celebrate and express one’s love for one another. Whether it is your spouse, partner or even a lover that you plan to share your affection with be careful because cheating partners tend to celebrate in the midst of the week of February 14.

Valentine’s Day is a great season for consumer retailers from florist, department stores, jewelry stores and restaurants. It is one of the most profitable days for many retailers and it is also a great time to hire a private investigator if you are doubtful of any cheating suspicions occurring within your relationship. While Valentine’s Day is seen as a time for couples to enjoy a romantic evening together, it was found that cheaters choose to spend Valentine’s Day with their affair partner. Cheaters are likely to spend the same amount on a gift for their affair partner as they are for their spouse.

The week of Valentine’s and the day of are known to be one of the busiest times to catch cheating and infidelity in action. The week of Valentine’s Day cheaters will make time for both their lovers and their significant others. Research finds cheaters love to stray away on the week of February 14th and are willing to spend time and money on gifts for their affair partners. New research has found 30% of cheaters have an affair on Valentine’s Day.

While you may be in love the day leading into Valentine’s Day it is the best time to investigate and keep an eye on a loved one because while they may spend the magical day with you they can also have plans to spend the rest of the week with their cheating partner. Between how they spend their money and how they spend their time, cheaters are prioritizing their affair partners more than ever.

If you are having doubts about your partner’s loyalty and think they might be cheating, this is the perfect time to find out about their whereabouts. Keep a close eye on them this Valentine’s Day. Cheaters will surely make a move to impress their lover. Be on the look out and watch out for signs.

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