Valentine’s Day #1 Day for Cheating


Cupid Isn’t The Only One Watching Couples On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is for lovers.

We shower our loved ones with cards and flowers, candy and dinner, and we get all caught up in the day and all that it has become. 

Who wouldn’t feel all warm and loved after receiving a token of your partner’s devotions?

But do Valentine’s Day celebrations blind us to the red flags that come with cheating?

Are we so overwhelmed with the love that we do not see that our special someone has another “Valentine” that is getting gifts too?

You may not know this:  Valentine’s Day is one of the biggest days of the year for private detectives and those that track the cheaters of the world.  What other day of the year can you guarantee that a cheater is having to do double duty with both the family and the fling?

Most cheaters will have lunch with the side chick and dinner with the wife.  Many cheaters will buy the husband his favorite whiskey, but she is buying two bottles, one for the husband and one for the man she is having the affair with.  The illusion of devoted love that is wrapped into Valentine’s Day, makes it much easier for cheaters to get away with their affairs.  No good gift recipient would ever ask to see the credit card receipt for the gift…so buying for more than one “love” becomes very easy.  

When the odd phone calls and unexplained texts come in on your partner’s phone on Valentine’s Day, does he/she blame them on “your gift?”  You don’t want to ruin the surprise would you?  So you don’t ask anymore and later you even forget that his/her fling has been blowing up the phone all day.

That is just two of the many ways that Detective Daniel Gomez has seen cheater’s do to their victims.  There are numerous ways that a cheating victim could have detected the infidelity earlier.

Valentine’s Day falls on Monday this year, 2022.  Why is this significant? Because for the week before, and even for a couple of days after February 14th, cheating partners will schedule a get away from the house.  They blame it on the boss, on business, Superbowl, but for whatever reason, he/she is needed.  But if your partner is cheating, this could be the Valentine’s Day celebration for the other woman/man.  Keep your eyes open, and if you suspect anything, call Detective Daniel Gomez immediately.  Do not wait until it is too late.

Don’t let Valentine’s Day be Fool Me Day, with a partner that is being unfaithful.

Call Detective Daniel Gomez before you are the fool, and let him educate you on the red flags that you may be ignoring.  Emotions can fool you, you need a clear eye to look at the evidence for you and give you the necessary information you need to move forward.  With hundreds of cases solved, Detective Daniel Gomez can professionally handle your individual concerns.  

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.  Cupid is not the only one watching, Detective Daniel Gomez is too. Visit



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