Tristan Thompson:  If You Are Going To Cheat, At Least Wear A Condom


Tristan Thompson:  If You Are Going To Cheat, At Least Wear A Condom

Another Illegitimate Child In The World, With No Father Figure in His/Her Life

Well, I am sure that you have heard the latest Chloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson.

Tristan has cheated again, and has fathered yet another illegitimate child, with his trainer this time.  He says it was a one night stand.

Chloe asks fans to be understanding.  Tristan tells the baby’s mother good luck, he’s retiring.

Fans tell them both  to wake up and stop the drama.  People are tired of it all.

Friends and family tell them both just how embarrassing this is to everyone.

If you haven’t heard dirty details, Tristan Thompson cheated on Chloe Kardashian…again.

This time, he has fathered another child that he has now publicly admitted that he will not fully support.

Thompson has cowardly written a letter stating that he will never be in the child’s life, or give the child the support that he/she deserves.  In essence, he was just using the mother for his own sexual pleasure, not even considering that there could be consequences to his actions.

Another child in this world resulting from a selfish roll in the hay by two people that weren’t thinking enough to use birth control.  Another child that will not have a good father figure.

And this is the third child, with the third woman.  

Why would Tristan not at least use a condom?  Because he doesn’t respect others.  He uses people and throws them away. The truth is in the facts…

While having a family with Chloe, he has cheated at least twice and had two more children with two separate women.  How much truth has to slap Chloe in the face before she realizes that she is being used just like the two other women.

And really, fans and family of all the parties involved are speaking out against this behavior.

Chloe has been told that this is embarrassing, and that she needs to stand up, and walk away.

The only one that seems to approve of Tristan’s behavior is Tristan.  Chloe is convinced that this is all a way for other women to get money out of Tristan.  Chloe is in denial and trying to explain away Tristan’s cheating behaviors.  What?!?

Detective Daniel Gomez of the world renowned television show, “Cheaters,” says that oftentimes, women that try to explain away their spouses cheating, are really just lacking in the ability to prove for sure that he is cheating, or do not have the self confidence to stand up and walk away.  He says that in all the cases that he has worked on, women that are in denial need to accept the truth, and take control of their lives.

If you think that you may be the victim of cheating.  Stand up!  Get the proof and walk away.  You deserve to be respected by your partner, not cheated on.  Detective Gomez says that if a cheater is allowed to skate by and get away with it, the cheater will cheat again. Do not let a cheater keep using you like Tristan uses Chloe, and all the other baby mamas that he has.  Call Detective Daniel Gomez today to get the proof and consultation you need to take control.


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