Tragedy and Travis Scott| Houston,Texas


Tragedy and Travis Scott

Stage Stampede…Don’t Be a Victim of Circumstances

Eight people died, and hundreds of attendees were injured.

What started as a well planned evening of music and dancing, turned into a deadly night of chaos, bodies trampled on the ground, and the music industry wondering where to put the blame.

We trust that venues and entertainment promoters have our safety in mind.

We trust that the entertainers and the artists would never put us in harm’s way.

Unfortunately, this is not the case.  

Too many times corners are cut, rules broken, and all for the sake of the almighty dollar and big profits.  The pursuit of the “biggest show” or the “largest profits” supersedes any health and safety considerations on the behalf of the ticket holders.

The need to please the artists on the stage forgoes any needs of the audience.

Detective Daniel Gomez has some very good tips for being situationally aware.  He recommends that you look over the venue or building that you are attending before you enter.  “It is easy to get caught up in the emotion of the event and lose your awareness of the environment around you.”  Detective Gomez suggests identifying all the emergency exits that you would need in the case of emergency, be it fire, a sudden crowd surge, even an active shooter.  “You can’t be overly prepared in the event of an emergency,” he emphasizes.

Take a quick glance at the pathways and egress that the venue has in place.  Are there clear paths for people to exit the area?  Are there barricades placed to direct foot traffic and limit the amount of patrons allowed into an area?  Or is it just a free for all, of people running anywhere they please?  If it doesn’t look safe when you walk in, it probably won’t be any better when the show starts.  Detective Gomez says, “Do not place yourself in an area that you cannot easily exit in case of an emergency.”

“Take a quick look at the security guards that are in your area,” Detective Gomez stresses.  “Ask yourself, could this guy/gal save my life if there was a fire?  What if you have a medical emergency, is that the person that you want to put your life in his/her hands?”  Oftentimes, security personnel are just part time people, with little or no emergency training.  They are trained to stand between the crowd and the entertainment, not evacuate thousands of scared and panicky people. They are not CPR trained.

Don’t fall victim to the greed of the promoters and the unsafe conditions of many places that we take for granted as safe for the customers.  Know what you are walking into, before you get there.  Look at your evening as a “worst  case scenario.”  Call Detective Daniel Gomez today for more tips on situational awareness and staying safe at large events. Visit



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