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Trackers:  Finding the Liars in Your Life

Trackers takes you with one of the Nation’s top private investigators, as he chases down tricksters and deceivers, to expose the truth for his many clients.  From secret post office boxes to clandestine massage parlors, you are there to see everything that this brave private investigator sees.

Ride along for the real life cases of Investigator Daniel Gomez, in the newest YouTube sensation: Trackers.  After more than 25 years of professional experience in investigations, Investigator Gomez is finally opening up his agency to show his real life cases as a metroplex private detective.  

Trackers takes you to the action!  

From the time that the case begins, you are there with Detective Gomez.  

Detective Gomez reveals to you the details of the case. He then skillfully locates the target of the investigation, follows the target  and performs surveillance. All on camera!  Trackers shows you the tricks of the trade that Detective Gomez utilizes in the tracking down of the liars, thieves, and cheats of his town.  You are right there in the passenger seat for all the action, the whole time!

Trackers does not stop when the sneaky target has been located!  Detective Gomez then quickly delivers the information to the waiting client. You are there for the moment that the client faces the intended target with the new found information.  You get to hear the pathetic excuses and lies that the target attempts to use with the client.

All on camera, giving you the best seat in the house.

But the show is still not over.  Sit in on the follow up that Detective Gomez conducts with his clients.  He shows the empathy and professionalism that is needed to get the client back on solid ground.  Detective Daniel Gomez is dedicated to keeping his community honest.

Trackers with Detective Daniel Gomez…he will see you, before you see him!

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