Trackers, Episode 4  Just Working Out, in the Parking Garage | Detective Gomez


Trackers, Episode 4: You Are Working Out, Where?

Just when you thought it could not get any more exciting as the last episode, Trackers comes up with Episode 4.  Wow!

In this case, Investigator Daniel Gomez has been hired by a loving girlfriend that is gravely concerned about her relationship with her long time boyfriend.  Tonight, the boyfriend has claimed that he is at the gym, working out by himself.

After extensive investigation, Gomez locates the boyfriend.  He is not in the gym, and he is not alone.

Ride along with Detective Gomez as he locates and follows the target of the investigation.  

Watch as he informs the client of his findings.  Sit on the edge of your seat as the boyfriend’s lies begin to unravel, and he is caught in a web of deception.

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