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If you find yourself planning for a divorce, whether it is due to a cheating spouse, or because your spouse has sprung it upon you, despite money or possessions, getting custody of the children rises to the top of the priority list very quickly. When you decide the children will be better off with you physically and emotionally and suspect your spouse will fight for custody, there are many safeguards you can put in place immediately in order to ensure a good chance of winning custody. First of all, even if your spouse makes more money, that is NOT a valid reason for them to become primary custodians. Child support, and sometimes spousal support, is used to level the income field in both homes. The most vital point to prove is that you are your children’s primary caregiver. So, if you are not, then you should consider acting as such if you want to be awarded that responsibility. Become mindful of who you are hanging around with and bringing into your children’s lives, such as babysitters or a new romance. Conduct background checks. If they have a history of family violence, a criminal record or are is a sexual offender, this could ultimately cause you to lose custody. The court will award custody to the parent who is not only acting as the primary caregiver but also who is acting in the best interest of the children.


First, keep an expense log of everything you spend for the children and categorize it such as, “Sports” and “Clothes.” This will help prove your economic support of the children, regardless of whether the money originally came from your spouse. It shows you are prioritizing and taking care of their needs, instead of spending the money mostly on yourself. Document who takes them to and from school and who takes them to their sports activities. This information is extremely valuable in proving who is actually the most influential parent and who the kids rely on the most on a daily basis. The court is not so much interested in WHO has the most money, but who is emotionally and physically supporting the children the best. Even if the money comes from the breadwinner in the home, the fact that you are choosing to spend it on the children will show the court you are properly taking care of them. In this case, they will order the breadwinner to continue the support in the form of child support, and designate you as the primary caregiver. Subscribe to my blog.

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