Things To Do During The COVID-19 Stay-At-Home Order


The coronavirus has forced many people to stay at home during the global pandemic. Remaining at home is a good way to protect yourself and others from spreading COVID-19 and it is an important measure to help “flatten the curve” of daily cases that put pressure on our health care system.

While you are at home Detective Gomez has compiled a variety of things to do at your fingertips for your entertainment. He has many suggestions of things to do to help make your time quarantined as interesting and productive as possible. Try to do a few of these hobbies during the coronavirus self-quarantine to stay busy while social distancing.

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Detective Gomez has suggested numerous things to do while  staying at home with the “shelter-in-place order” try them all. Stay busy and most importantly stay safe. And have fun with this guide of what to read and listen to during quarantine.

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