The Price of Stolen Time in Your Relationship


The Price of Stolen Time

Stolen Time…How Much Are You Giving Away?

Time spend at work on the clock = 8 hours

Commute time, both ways = 1 hour

Sleep = 8 hours

This only leaves 7 hours a day for life. There is showering, exercise, and of course eating three meals a day, estimated another 3-4 hours, gone in the blink of an eye.

Now there is only 3 hours left in the day to spend with loved ones,  a spouse or a partner.

Time is so very, very valuable. When you look at the normal day, broken down like above, there is so little time for social life, love, and life.We spend most of our time eating, sleeping, and working.  

What little time is left over, we fill with our loved ones and our favorite hobbies.

Do you workout?  30 minutes, 3 days a week at the gym?  Plus the drive back and forth added on?  That’s another hour gone from the day that is already too short of time.

But what if your partner is spending his/her extra time with people outside of the relationship?  How much time does he/she really have to spare to spend with other people outside of the family? Time is valuable and the precious time that you have to spend with someone you love, has an enormous price tag.  And it is in limited supply.

Let’s say your girlfriend called and her team is meeting up after work to have drinks, and she is just going to have one and come home….that leaves enough time for her to stumble in and pass out.  No time for home life that night.  She has given every bit of her spare time to people that you do not know.  She has spent her time doing something else, with someone else.

What can you do?  What is she doing with all her time?  

Who is she with if she isn’t with me?

Call Detective Daniel Gomez today.  Detective Gomez is a skilled and experienced private detective that can sit down with you now.  He has years of experience helping people through situations exactly like these.  He can talk you through your specific information and advise you on the steps to take to rectify your individual situation.

Stop allowing your valuable time to be stolen from you, especially from someone you love.

Take control of your life and get a firm hold on your time, and your future.

Call Detective Daniel Gomez for help today!




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