The Needed Exit Strategy in Your Broken Relationship!


The Needed Exit Strategy

Taking Control of the Situation and Leaving

You’re hurt and confused.  Maybe you aren’t even sure of the facts or what the future may bring.

Should you stay?  

Should you run and never look back?  

Maybe just a “get away” to clear your mind of all the clutter?

Your story could be that of infidelity and cheating.

It could be a story of verbal abuse and increasing anger.

Whatever your story is, you need to be in control of your life.

If you feel that you may need to get away, and do it without anyone else knowing, you must have a plan.  You must be proactive and prepared, not hurriedly reacting in the heat of the moment.  

Here are some tips from Detective Daniel Gomez:

You need to know where you can go, before you need to leave.  Having a place in mind before you are behind the wheel of the car, leaving and never coming back, is recommended.  Know where you can go for peace and quiet, before you need it.  Have a plan.

Some situations require that you shelter somewhere that is confidential, and not known by friends or family.  In these cases, do some research and find a place that is suitable for your individual situation, but do it before you need it.  When you are trying to get space, you do not need your significant other beating on the door, trying to talk his/her way back into your life.

Another tip from Detective Gomez is:  Prepare a “go bag.”  You need to pack your essentials in a handy place, like a spare backpack or tote. Leaving a difficult situation is hard enough. This is in case your emotions are running high and thinking straight may be difficult. Put everything you need in one convenient place, ready to go. 

Daniel Gomez suggests to include in this “go bag” things like your birth certificate and other necessary personal documents, credit cards and cash, legal documents like the rental agreement, and your tax records.  If there is room in the bag, a spare change of clothes is also recommended.  Keep the bag hidden until needed.

If you think you may need to leave your home, for your safety or even just for your sanity, Detective Daniel Gomez can help.  He can advise you on your situation, what you may need or where you should go.  Take control of your life…call Detective Gomez today.


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