The Girl Rescued by TikTok Video


The Girl Rescued by TikTok Video

The Viral Video That is Saving Lives…Know the Signs

A missing Kentucky girl was rescued from her captor, when a passerby recognized the girl’s hand signals for distress.  This hero was able to alert authorities and the girl was quickly rescued from the man who took her captive.  

Where did these strangers learn the signs for abuse and distress?  

TikTok viral videos.

When investigating the facts of this case, Detective Daniel Gomez learned that there has been a recent video that went viral highlighting hand signals.  These hand signals can be used to indicate danger and abuse at home.  They are silent ways to ask for help when your life is being threatened. Thousands of viewers have watched and learned to identify these three simple hand signals.

While traveling down a North Carolina highway one day, an alert passerby witnessed a young woman using these hand signals.  The woman was in the backseat of a car, and she looked like she was in distress.  The witness was educated in these hand signals, and quickly alerted the local authorities as to the location and vehicle that the young lady was traveling.  Shortly after this 911 call, the local police department apprehended the  61 year old kidnapper and his victim, a teen from Kentucky.  He looked like a grandpa, he looked harmless.

Are you an educated and alert witness?

Do you know the signs of abuse?

Are you a hero in waiting?

Call Detective Daniel Gomez today!  

Learn the signs and signals of someone that is in need of your help!  

Don’t put yourself in danger too, learn to identify the signals and alert the proper authorities.

Detective Gomez has years of experience in investigations and law enforcement.  He has the knowledge necessary to recognize and react to these three simple TikTok hand signals.  He can educate you.  Someday you could save a woman beaten by her husband, or even a girl kidnapped from her family.  Learn how to report incidents safely, as to not escalate a situation and possibly cause harm to the victim or yourself.  Detective Gomez can teach you how to quickly alert the proper authorities and end a possibly dangerous situation.

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