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The Forgotten Wives

After all the recent sexual offense exposures in America, many offenders such as Harvey Weinstein, have at least attempted an apology to some degree. Even though Mr. Weinstein naively admitted to his unethical behavior in the hopes to be simply forgiven, he did not foretell  his career would be completely over, typical of narcissism. There is a long list of powerful men who have also apologized that include Matt Lauer, Charlie Rose, James Toback and Russell Simmons, though whose apologies were not necessarily heartfelt.

But there is a huge flaw in all of these men’s apologies. They are directed only at the women they harassed, raped or assaulted and they completely exclude an apology to their own wives. Don’t get me wrong, I totally respect the #METOO movement, and the apology to them is most important, however, what about the wives? Where is their apology? Is everything okay when they go home to their wives? These women are the forgotten victims. No one (especially the perpetrators) have acknowledged the pain and humiliation their wives have no doubt endured in both throughout the process of the accusation, and as a result of their husband’s behavior. Not only have they had to endure public humiliation, but also the normal feelings of outright betrayal from their husbands. They did, after all, cheat on them. Multiple times. They were most likely mortified when they were forced to stand by and watch their husbands make lame excuses to the world for their behavior while never motioning their first and foremost offense, the betrayal to their own wife. What in the world should the poor wives tell their families, their children, and their friends? After America has forgotten their husband’s sins, and you and I are on to the next news headliner, they are left with the aftermath for the rest of their lives. They are left to suffer embarrassment and with the real possibility of having to consider divorce from their husbands. Some, of course, will stand by their husbands, but either way, we must acknowledge them, their pain and not forget them as victims.

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Have you been cheating on and as a result, the focus was on the cheating spouse and their lover and your feelings were taken for granted or forgotten? You are the most important victim here and don’t forget how valuable you are! Take care of yourself first. If you suspect your loved one is being unfaithful, give me a call so we can figure what’s going on together and whatever you may choose to do after, you can begin a new life. Don’t stay in the dark, as it will only perpetuate the lie you may be living, through no fault of your own. Give me a call at 214-823-5600 or visit me at

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