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Episode #5 Trackers

The Case of the Missing Father…You ARE the father!

Another captivating episode of Trackers!  In this revealing episode, you are in the front seat to ride along with Detective Daniel Gomez as he tracks down a man on the run, a father in denial, a deadbeat dad.

Let’s set the stage:

It was 8 months ago…

It was at a drunken bash…

What was her name again???

Flash forward to today:

After searching endlessly for this man.

After all the blocked phone calls and number changes.

She called the only person that could put her mind at ease.  

The man that could  help her find the father of her baby…Detective Daniel Gomez.

You get a front row seat to all the action!  Watch as Detective Gomez tracks down the man at home and confronts the missing father with the news of his impending fatherhood.  Witness the surprise and the information takes a few moments to fully sink in.  

Listen as Detective Gomez convinces the new father to speak with the expectant mother.  Face to face, at that moment.

Relive the tense moment that the baby’s mother gets to speak to the man that has been dodging his responsibilities for the last seven months.  Feel the emotion as she tells him how she looked for him.  And finally watch as the target tries to smooth everything over with the enraged woman.  

Detective Gomez shows his true talents when dealing with the client.  He knows what is important and what needs to be addressed, even when emotions are running high.  His personal experiences allow him to show the client that they are more than just a case and a paycheck.  He shows them empathy and understanding and helps them through this very difficult time in their lives.

Another investigation closed successfully by Detective Daniel Gomez.  Every case is different and must be handled with a variety of techniques.  Have you been cheated, wronged, or ghosted by someone you love?  Do you need to put closure to a difficult situation?

If you think you may have a case for Detective Gomez, do not hesitate, call today!!  Watch full episode Click HERE

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