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Breakups are never easy. I remember breaking up with my girlfriend for some very good reasons once, but then feeling that I simply couldn’t live without her the next day. No matter how bad you want the breakup, it is still hard if you care about them. And we all know that simply caring about someone does not make them “right” for you. When someone breaks up with you, it’s even more unbearable. It is, however, extremely important to be able to get past the initial period of time after the split, so you don’t make bad choices just because you are lonely. For example, getting yourself into another relationship right away because you’re lonely can be a huge mistake. When you are vulnerable, people may be able to take advantage of you and break your heart yet again. Being lonely is natural and okay, but dealing with this emotion in a healthy and successful way is what’s important.


Joining a charity or reconnecting with friends can be not only rewarding but good for therapeutic advice as well. We need to be able to talk about what happened to us in order to make sense of it, accept it, and move on. You can very easily get stuck on someone if you don’t move on by re-creating another social world in your life. Loneliness can turn in depression, which can lead to long-term issues, both physically and emotionally.


So, whether you have had a recent break up in your life, or just cannot find that someone special to be with, create the possibility of new friends by joining indoor or outdoor activities or through your gym. Making your personal life healthy is by being 100% happy alone. Only then, will you be irresistible to potential partners.


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