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When To Say, “Enough is Enough

While stuck in traffic, on the way to work, your mind wanders to questions like:

Where was my husband last night, when we had a dinner date?


Why does my wife keep changing the passwords on her social media accounts?

Am I crazy, paranoid, or both?

Sound familiar?  Hopefully not.  But for many couples in America today, one or both of them are having these thoughts.  Hang up phone calls, missed appointments, distance that has never been there before. The tell tale signs of infidelity are evident, but they do not see the signs, for whatever reasons.  Don’t be that person that says, “I was the last to know.”

Infidelity statistics are flying all over the internet, but the general consensus is that 30%-40% of Americans cheat on their loved ones.  If those statistics are broken down, it is found that as we age, we cheat more.  The highest occurrences of cheating occurred in the 50+ age groups.  So the theory that one is “sowing wild oats” and he/she will grow out of it, couldn’t be more wrong.

Another interesting statistic is that of the cheaters that admit to their affairs, there is only a 50% chance that the cheater will ever admit to the indiscretions committed. Even scarier, only half of cheaters that contract an STD inform their spouses, and even less will admit to a spouse that an affair resulted in a pregnancy.  Don’t be a statistic, take your future into your own hands and find out the truth.  Stop worrying and wondering today!  Call Detective Daniel Gomez, and get the information that you need to set your troubled mind free.

Not only was Detective Gomez an police officer for 23 years, he also experienced the tragedy of infidelity in his own relationship.  He knows what you are going through, the self doubt, the distrust, and the broken heart.  Let him assist you through this difficult time.  He will get the information that you need to move forward with your life and finally put these dark feelings behind you.  Allow Detective Daniel Gomez to end the unknown. Visit or call 214.823.5600 



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