Simone Biles, Naomi Osaka:  It’s OkayTo Not Be Okay.


Simone Biles:  Opening the Conversation on Mental Health


Naomi Osaka, number one seed,  drops out of Wimbledon.

Simone Biles cites mental health as she withdraws from her Olympic dream.

It has been worldwide news, internet fire, and a topic of discussion that has been ignored for decades.  Mental health.

One of the top contributors to the decline of mental health is stress.  Many depressions can be traced back to stress from the job, stress from your spouse/partner, even stress from the things that you love to do the most, like these ladies of sports.  The stresses of competition were insurmountable, and it caused the women to quit the sports they loved, to practice self-care and take care of themselves mentally.

They removed themselves from the stressful situation.

The same can be said for the stress that comes from a rocky relationship.  The suspicion and negative emotions that surround a relationship that is not monogamous can be overwhelming at best.  Stresses like this can quickly lead to mental illnesses such as depression.  Depression is the most common mental illness around the world today.  

Self-care is critical to good mental health.  Alleviating unnecessary stresses in your life is key.

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