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Signs of a Troubled Teen

In light of the devastating Florida massacre, many were left wondering about the accused young man’s troubled state of mind and more importantly, the question of why signs of trouble were ignored or not taken seriously. Signs of a troubled teen will usually show up on social media. It could be a pic with them holding a gun, or a rant about being wronged by someone, then justifying a violent act or threat. It would be important for a parent to become aware of these posts or any threatening messages even if they are deleted. There is affordable phone software found in this website under the PI Spy Tools tab above, which recovers deleted messages and can be easily installed. If you see the following signs in your teen, please get help:


1 – They start spending time with a negative peer group

2 – Alcohol use

3 – Pulling away from family and friends

4 – Getting into fights

5 – Drug use

6 – Symptoms of depression

7 – Sudden drop in grades

8 – Frequent angry outbursts

9 – Trouble dealing with learning disorders

10 – General rebellious behavior


Young teens tend to externalize issues through social media, which is where a parent or guardian can find the signs that will allow them to pick up on whether a teen is in trouble, and interfere if necessary. Having access to their social media is key while still maintaining a good relationship. After all, you are responsible not just for their physical well-being, but also their mental well-being. Unfortunately, teens will find ways to hide posts and conversations from parents and have become hypersensitive to an adult’s vigilance and are lightning fast at closing apps and deleting information. Which is why installing tools that recovers messages and such would be helpful. Phone tracking software would be a great solution for tracking a teen’s posts, private messages and any social media activity. Click on PI Spy Tools on the toolbar above for different options.

As a parent, you need a happy medium that will allow you to do your job, which is to keep them safe, while allowing them the freedom to be responsible and mature. Keeping your teenager safe from a mental health crisis, from being bullied, from being negatively influenced or even safe from themselves is priority.

Some of the tools you may find useful are: A small, hidden camera you can strategically place in their room for a teen who needs higher, yet covert level of vigilance; An audio recording device to be used to record face to face or cell phone conversations; A GPS tracking device can be installed on their car or hidden in their backpack to track their whereabouts if they are skipping school, for instance. This is also very helpful if they are missing or not returning your attempts for contact. Knowing where they are through this tracking device relieves a parents’ stress level, especially if your teen is a troubled one. Protecting them is priority by obtaining the tools necessary to keep them safe. Click on the PI Spy Tools on the toolbar above to invest in your teen’s safety.

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