Red flags to look out for if you think your partner is cheating


If you find yourself wondering if you should trust your partner when they say they’re staging late for work again or going out of the house late hours, staying longer at the gym, grocery store runs take forever, then stop right there because if you’re already having doubts, then it means you most likely have your reasons. Not trusting your partner because they’re giving you reasons to become suspicious is more than enough to be cautious. Here are some signs you could look out for.

Your partner is more cautious of their phone and constantly hiding it from you or trying to make sure you don’t see their screen. He or she will keep their phone close to him. If you are out at lunch or dinner, his phone will be face down so any notifications coming through will be unseen by you. Sometimes this happens when your partner is doing something they are not supposed to and definitely something you should pay attention to.

One other very obviously sign is that he or she suddenly starts accusing you of things you’ve never done before, like cheating. This usually means that if someone starts accusing you of cheating, typically it’s because they are doing it themselves. People do this to try to validate their actions and behaviors by being able to say “well they’re probably doing it so I might as well do it too”.  This also helps them feel less guilty about being unfaithful behind your back.

He also is starting to pay more attention to his phone than you. He’s constantly on it, talking to someone and seems distracted. Unless it’s work related, it could be a red flag. When you’re in a relationship, your partner should be the person you talk to more than anyone about how your day was, your thoughts, etc. if your partner has found someone else to confide in, especially if that person is of the opposite sex, it means they’re being emotionally intimate with someone outside of their relationship and that is a huge indication of cheating.

He’s starting to work out more. Unless he’s always been a gym rat or very into nutrition and fitness, this could be a red flag. It could mean he’s suddenly trying to look good for someone that isn’t you. Maybe there’s someone new at their job that they are trying to impress which means they clearly find that person attractive and want to get their attention through physical looks. Doesn’t mean he or she is cheating but could definitely be a red flag, your partner should only be interested in impressing you!

He doesn’t give you the time of day anymore. A red flag could be that he’s distant, doesn’t seem to care about texting you back or seemingly losing interest. It could be a sign of cheating because someone else has got their attention and he or she is giving more importance to those conversations that your own.

He’s starting to make excuses for why he can’t make plans with you or see you. Could be because he’s making them with someone else.

This goes back to some of the points above. If you start seeing less of your partner and they don’t text back for hours, could be because they’re with someone else.

At the end of the day, you should be able to trust your partner and not have a single doubt about their loyalty and love to you because without trust, a relationship simply doesn’t work. If your partner has given you reasons in the past to rethink the trust you placed on them, then it’s normal to feel suspicious! Before making any assumptions, definitely talk to your partner first and see what the problem is. Maybe it can be fixed!

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