Queen Elizabeth II, Longest Reigning Monarch of Britain Passes


The Royal Palace Announces “Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth Has Passed”

God Save The Queen…

We have all heard the song that is the British national anthem.

Did you know that the version of the song as we know it, is referring to Queen Elizabeth herself?
Not just a general anthem like The Star Spangled Banner.

It might as well have been written with the words, God Save Queen Elizabeth II.

Born Princess Elizabeth Alexandra Mary of York in 1926, Queen Elizabeth II began her reign over the British empire in 1952.  At the young age of 25, she became the ruling monarch over seven commonwealth countries.  At slightly over 70 years on the throne, she was the longest ruling monarch in British history.

Now that the queen has passed, her first born son will assume the throne.

Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales will now become King Charles III.

His son, Prince William will assume the title of Prince of Wales.

And the royal monarchy will continue over the British Empire.

And the national anthem will be forever rewritten to…

God Save The King.

Detective Daniel Gomez and his team at the Gomez Detective Agency, are saddened by the news of the loss of such a well known leader.  There has never been another Queen of England in our lifetimes, and it is difficult to accept that things change sometimes.  But nothing in this world lasts forever, and we all need to accept loss in our lives, whether it is a leader we look up to, a relative we are close to, or a spouse/partner that walks out of a relationship.  

Unfortunately, Detective Gomez talks to people everyday that are in denial that someone they loved is leaving the relationship.  A wife that is convinced that her husband is away on business, or a boyfriend that thinks that his girlfriend is at the gym, when she isn’t.  

Often, these people cannot accept that the relationship is over, until they are presented with the evidence and the truth.  Detective Gomez is able to collect and present the necessary evidence for his customers, in an empathetic and healthy manner.  The case isn’t closed when the subject is located, it is over when Detective Gomez has met with the customer and delivered the facts.

If you or someone you know is in denial about the end of a relationship,  call Detective Daniel Gomez today.  He can consult with you about the situation, and assist in delivering the much needed truth so that you or that someone can move on in life.

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