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We all have very similar stories of 2021…with the pandemic came self isolation, home delivery, working from home, and the uptick in social media for our interactions with family and friends.

Many of us resorted to online chat rooms or social apps to meet new people and make new connections. And many of these new connections have resulted in negative consequences…the online money scam.  In fact the FTC has reported that we have been swindled out of over $300 million dollars of our hard earned money. $300 million dollars lost to online romance scams.

But why have we changed the way that we trust others that we meet?  We used to shake hands and look a person in the eye as we talked…not anymore.  Seems all some people need is an internet connection, and we automatically give them credibility.

Why have we let down all of our defenses?

We need a severe wake up call…these people are not your friends like in the real world…they are acquaintances.

Technology has made it easy to talk with someone down the road or around the world.  We no longer need to meet a person to have an online relationship with him/her.  But how do we know if they are telling us the truth?   How do we judge the honesty of the other person without looking into their eyes?  With no face to face interactions, we may have also lost some of our people judging skills.

When have you let good Auntie Betty just hand out money to people on the street? $50 for you sir, and $50 for you madam, just giving money to complete strangers…NEVER!  Sounds crazy?

Then why would you let her give money to an online “friend?”

If you have never met a person face to face, in person, and spent time with him/her…NOT YOUR FRIEND!  Just because the title on the list on the webpage says this person is a friend, this is not a friend.  This is a complete stranger.  But yet you tell these people your habits, your information like where you work, even give them your money.

If you need to check out a new friend, or a new love in your life…Call Detective Daniel Gomez immediately.  Do not tell them another secret, do not reveal your work habits, you need to find out who this person really is.  You cannot wait until you meet them face to face…You cannot wait until you see them in a Facetime…call Detective Daniel Gomez now and let a professional find out the truth…take the time to do your due diligence.  Protect yourself and all that you hold dear…get the information you need today. 

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