Online Lover Kills Husband for Wife| Jennifer Faith


Jennifer Faith, The Wife Who You Shouldn’t Put Faith In

 Online Lover Kills Husband for Wife

Dallas Texas resident, Jennifer Faith sentenced to life for murder for hire in hunsbands death.

Jennifer Faith, a woman who, for years, loved her husband, is now looking at life in prison for the murder for hire job she orchestrated. And who helped her? Her lover from Tennessee who she lied to. Jennifer deceitfully emailed her online lover, stories of false beatings and emotional abuse that she claimed she was suffering. Going as far as using downloaded images of injuries sent by fake email accounts she convinced her boyfriend in Tennessee that she was in grave danger. 

On that fateful morning Jennifer walked with her doomed husband outside like everything was normal, only to watch her Tennessee lover gun him down in cold blood

Detective Daniel Gomez reviewed this case and he pointed out some very important points:

Detective Gomez says that the first problem is that there were several red flags that Jennifer Faith was being unfaithful to her now deceased husband.  “If something seems off, out of character or suspicious, then you should take note, this is a red flag,” he says.  Detective Gomez goes on to say that if you are seeing red flags that your partner is not acting in his/her normal character, things like changing passwords or being purposefully vague about details, then you should definitely look into the situation and do not ignore it.

Another question that Detective Gomez asks about this case, is the amount of time that it required to mastermind a murder for hire type scheme.  Jennifer Faith’s husband should have noticed the excessive time on the computer, numerous email accounts that are being used, and even the phone calls and texts that are constantly coming into his wife’s phone from her Tennessee romance.

But did her husband see the red flags and not know the steps to take next?

What if he knew that his wife had checked out of their marriage?  And didn’t know how to prove it or walk away?  Detective Daniel Gomez wishes that he had been on the case and possibly saved his life.  If only Jennifer’s husband would have reached out to Detective Gomez, he may still be alive today.  

Detective Daniel Gomez is here for you when you have suspicions.  With years of experience in investigations and surveillance, he will be able to determine the truth to your situation, and recommend the next steps to take to ensure your safety and your emotional well being.  Do not be the next victim of cheating that we see on the nightly news!  

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