Online dating for women: What to look out for


Online dating has become the new form of meeting and socializing with the opposite sex and as fun as it may be, there are some precautions that need to be taken into consideration when choosing and meeting someone online. Find out below what red flags you should be looking out for when swiping on one of the dating apps:

1. Lack of pictures

2. Doesn’t show face in pictures

3. Has a vague bio with no actual info

4. Too many selfies

These are the four main factors women should look for when it comes to deciding on swiping right on a candidate. When a guy has barely any pictures of himself on his profile, it means he honestly is probably somewhat off and it does come off as sketchy so therefore probably best to not swipe right.

Another thing with pictures is that guys typically tend to post photos of themselves with all their guy friends, which is okay! But you need to be able to figure out which one he is and if you cant figure out who he is or exactly what he looks like from his pictures, he might not be as good looking and therefore trying to cover that up by not standing out in a single photo.

Now when it comes to bios, people usually put what they do for work, the things they like and where they are from. If none of this is available in his biography then that should raise a red flag because he either is very private about his personal life or there’s something sketchy about it he doesn’t want you to know right off the bat.

Lastly, some guys on online dating apps tend to take way too many selfies and their entire profile is just a series of photos of them at the gym, in the bedroom, bathroom or car. When someone takes way too many selfies and posts all of them on not just their dating apps but social media, its either a person who is really insecure and seeking validation from others or someone who is incredibly vain, self centered and probably a narcissist which are all red flags for the future, should you develop an intimate relationship with this person.

Obviously none of these are specifically accurate but this is what women typically report when they’re looking at dating profiles. When they see a guy has any of the above, they usually consider it as a red flag and do not chose that guy as a dating option. This is also natural because it is a form of protection. Someone who isn’t showing their face and being vague in their bio comes off sketchy as if they’re trying to hide something and its normal to want to avoid someone like that. And with the guys who take too many pictures, women think that means vanity and therefore someone who probably wouldn’t put too much effort into a relationship.

At the end of the day, use your best judgement on who you swipe right on on a dating app but its always best to be careful, even with someone who seems normal! Hint: Ted Bundy. You really never know when you meet someone online who that person could really be, so if you are going on a date with a guy you met on tinder bring some form of protection like pepper spray and always meet in a public place. It is better to be safe than sorry. 

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Citas en Linea: lo que tienes que buscar

Conocer a personas en linea se ha convertido en la nueva forma de conocer y socializar con el sexo opuesto y aun que sea divertido, si hay precauciones que uno debe de tomar cuando va a escoger a conocer una persona en linea. Descubre abajo cuales son las señales que tienes que buscar cuando estas en tinder:

  1. Falta de fotos
  2. No muestra su cara en sus fotos
  3. Su bio tiene poca información
  4. Demasiadas selfies

Estos son los cuatros factores que mujeres deberían buscar cuando están buscando una pareja en linea. Cuando un hombre casi no tiene fotos de si mismo, esto debería preocuparte porque no es muy normal.

Otra cosa con fotos es que los hombres normalmente siempre ponen fotos con sus amigos que llega al punto que no sabes cual es y esto no esta bien. Si tu no puedes identificar al chico en sus fotos, es probable que sea feo y por eso no quiere mostrar su cara.

Ahora cuando se trata de las biografias, las personas normalmente ponen donde viven, en lo que trabajan y las actividades que les gustan! Si no puedes encontrar nada de esto en su bio eso ya es super raro. Puede ser que sea una persona super privada, o lo que el hace es super sketchy.

Por ultimo, algunos chicos en linea se toman demasiados selfies que llega al punto que ya no es atractivo. Se toman selfies en el gym, en el carro y en el baño. Una persona que siempre se esta tomando fotos puede ser bien inseguro de si mismo y busca validación de otras personas  o puede que sea bien vanidoso que puede ser un problema tambien. Típicamente esto le preocupa a las mujeres porque piensan que una persona venidosa no puede poner mucho esfuerzo en la relacion.

Obviamente no todo esto es factual pero esto es lo que las mujeres statisticamente dicen sobre los apps de citas en linea. Cuando ven un chico que tiene cualquier de los 4 factores mencionados arriba, les causa preocupación y eligen no salir con ese chico. Esto también es normal porque es una forma de defensa propia. Nadie va salir con alguien que les parece raro y no honesto porque las cosas pueden ir mal. Alguien que no tiene bio y no muestra su cara en las fotos es una bandera super roja.

Al final del dia es mejor usar tu mejor juicio y siempre andar con precaución! Hasta una persona que parece normal puede llegar a estar loca. Ejemplo: Ted Bundy. Nunca sabes si la persona con la que vas a salir te puede causar daño. Si vas a salir con una persona que conociste en  linea, es mejor ir a un lugar publico.

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