No Joking Around, Ken Jeong Gets Serious About Omicron, Don’t Be an A**hole


The New Covid-19, he Plays A Comedian On TV…But Ken Jeong Tells the Deadly Truth About Omicron

If you haven’t seen the clip, you must view it.

Ken Jeong was a recent guest on “The Jimmy Kimmel Live Show” and his interview was amazing, a real public service announcement from someone we all love.

Find it on YouTube, go to the website, and share it with friends and family.

But before we get to the interview…did you know that Ken Jeong is not only a witty comedian, a successful writer/producer, amazing movie star, and prime time show host/judge…

He is a doctor!

A real life, go the physician and get stitches, doctor.

He left that profession to become an actor/comedian. 

A doctor!

But back to the Kimmel interview…

As usually, Jeong was his dapper self, charming Kimmel and his audience immediately.

But soon his banter turned serious, as Ken Jeong approached the subject of Covid-19 and the Omicron variant.  

Jeong, in very simple terms that anyone can understand, explained how Covid-19 creates variants and spreads.  He pleads with everyone to get vaccinated, and wear masks.

“Be kind, don’t be an asshole,” Jeong tells Kimmel.

Detective Daniel Gomez, successful private detective, would like to echo Ken Jeong’s message.

“You gotta get vaccinated, just to protect yourself from ending up in the hospital.”  But the detective went on to say,

“You gotta wear your mask when you are out in public with strangers, that is the key to stopping the spread of this horrible sickness.”  Detective Gomez knows that Covid-19 can be easily spread to friends and family, causing them enormous pain and heartache.

But Detective Gomez has a different view that should be considered…

Detective Gomez is a Covid-19 survivor.

He contracted and suffered from this horrible virus for many months, and is still trying to fully recover from this horrible sickness. He does not want anyone to suffer like he did.

His advice to everyone is based on his own experience.  Believe the science, believe the professionals.  Covid-19, any variant, is no joke.

Get vaccinated, get the booster, and wear your mask!

Detective Daniel Gomez wants his clients and his community to grow and thrive in the upcoming new year.  He doesn’t want to see Covid-19 take anyone’s loved ones.  Help Detective Gomez stop the Covid-19 pandemic and get your vaccination today.  Remember to wear your mask when you are around strangers.  Remember to be safe, you only have one life to live.


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