NFL Sunday for the Record Books|Bills vs Chiefs| Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen|Sportsmanship Still Exist!


NFL Game of the Decade

If you watched last Sunday’s football games, you got your money’s worth.

Everyone is talking about the field goals, the amazing touchdowns, and of course…

The NFL overtime rule.

Regardless of who you had your money on, it was kind of devastating to see the Buffalo Bills sitting on the benches in overtime.  They had come so close to winning and then  watching their hearts break, and all because of a coin toss.

The Bills didn’t lose to the Chiefs, they lost to a coin flip.

And what happened, as soon as the whistle was blown, and the game was over?

Patrick Mahomes sprinted over to the Bills sideline and congratulated Josh Allen.

He didn’t have to go over like that.  He could have continued to celebrate with his teammates,

throw some Gatorade on the coach, or maybe posed for the cameras.

But he didn’t.  Patrick Mahommes showed the utmost sportsmanship, and consoled his nemesis on the field.  Mahommes knew that Allen had played his heart out, just like he had, and Patrick wanted to express this.  

This is a level of professionalism that is hard to come by sometimes.

Especially today.

Everyone is just out for themselves, for the easy money, it seems like sometimes.

Professionalism can go by the wayside, for fame or money.

And when you are trying to find help with a personal issue, finding a professional can be a task.

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