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Who Is Detective Daniel Gomez?

Officer Gomez, Detective Gomez, Daniel, whatever name you know him by, Daniel Gomez has been seen all over the world, conducting investigations and revealing unfaithful mates for people for decades.  But what makes this man the expert that he is today?  What is the force that drives him to assist others, and pass on the information that he has collected for years?  Because Detective Gomez has been cheated on, by the one that he loved. Combine this personal experience with his love for his profession and his compassion for others in need, and Daniel Gomez is the man “to go to,” for all things related to relationship infidelity.

Daniel Gomez started out on the unruly streets of Dallas, Texas.  As a dedicated officer, Daniel quickly rose up the ranks to detective, where he found his true passion…..investigations.  Daniel served the metroplex for decades, honing his investigative crafts, and learning more than he cared to about infidelity.  When he started to suspect that his long time wife and partner was being unfaithful, Daniel decided that he was not going to stand by and become a victim, he decided at that moment, he was going to find out the truth.  Successfully, he tracked down the information, collected data, and investigated cyberspace until the truth was revealed.

After leaving the police force, this outstanding detective could not spend his time on the boat, casting rods and reminiscing about old busts and court trials.  The former Detective Gomez turned all the years of experience, both professional and personal, into a successful career at  the world renowned “Cheaters” television program.  Still in syndication, this popular series focuses the spotlight on those who are guilty of infidelity, and the ones that they victimize.

Daniel is not a typical investigator. Daniel understands the pain and devastation that is caused by a soulmate being unfaithful.  He has experienced the bad feeling in the pit of his stomach, the denial that anything is “off,” and finally the horror of the revelation that it is true…

Detective Gomez can relate to all victims of infidelity.  He can assist them in the aspects of this difficult time of life, including taking a stand, regaining self respect, and going forward in life, a better person.  His compassion and experience has molded his business approach to be more client friendly, understanding, and accommodating.

But Daniel did not stop there.  He continued to have a driving desire to help others and pass on his vast amount of information to people that need his assistance to be happy again.The  “Detective Gomez Radio Show”  and the “Detective Gomez Private Eye” web series are just the beginning of the ways that Daniel is reaching out to those in need of infidelity education.  He has recently produced and has available an informational online course titled .Infidelity 101, The Basics, How to Identify a Cheater.”

Detective Daniel Gomez continues to serve the public, in the best way that he knows how….infidelity investigations and the education of those who may be experiencing it.  It would be his pleasure to assist someone in need of his services.


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Detective Gomez has utilized his many years of service in the police force, and used his experience and training to become an exceptional investigator.

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