Mojitos…Detective Gomez’s Favorite Drink


A Private Detectives Favorite Refreshment

What is one question that Detective Daniel Gomez gets asked all the time?

The most popular question he gets is…

“What do you do in your down time?”

“What does a detective do when he isn’t peeking around corners and looking through binoculars?”

“I love a good mojito. Whether on the beach or at the BBQ, I love to relax with a mojito.” was Detective Daniel Gomez’s response to this question.  He isn’t reading ammo magazines, or playing video games, he is relaxing somewhere in a lounge chair, sipping on a classic Cuban cocktail.

Who doesn’t love a cool citrus-y minty drink?

Did you know that Ernest Hemmingway first made this cocktail famous on a trip to Cuba?

Did you know that the mojito was featured in a James Bond movie?

Thought to be 500 years old, the mojito originated in the sugar cane fields of Cuba. Often used for medicinal problems, the mojito quickly became popular and spread throughout the world.  I know that you didn’t know that.

What are the ingredients of a basic mojito?  

White rum, sugar syrup (sugar cane if it’s available), fresh lime juice, a sprig of mint, and a bit of soda water.  

Super simple and super easy!

But it doesn’t stop there, there are many versions of the mojito, each bartender has his/her own recipe.  Some highlight certain spices and some are fruit based.  

Pineapple, strawberry, blueberry.

Cucumber, cinnamon, and the list goes on and on.

Do you have a favorite mojito?

Does your local bar or restaurant make the best mojito?

Where do you think of, when you think of mojitos?

Let Detective Daniel Gomez know today.  He would love to find the next best mojito.  Believe it or not, this hardworking detective does not hunt down cheaters 24/7.  The good detective has to take a break from tracking and watching subjects of his cases.  

And when Detective Gomez calls it a day, he enjoys visiting new restaurants and bars, and of course, having a mojito.  Send him your recommendations for the best mojito today!  Help the cheater hunter, hunt down the best mojito today!





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