Married Prison Officer Is Jailed For Intimate Relations With Inmate


They were caught having sex in the cleaning closet

A married prison officer had affair with an inmate for 18 months. The officer was caught having sex with an inmate in a cleaning closet, and is now facing a year in jail as a result of her actions.

Daniel Crompton and Rachel Welburn began their relationship after she became his designated personal officer at Frankland Prison in Durham, England. They shared an instant attraction, and even though Welburn was married with children they embarked on the affair.

Crompton was serving life in prison for breaking and entering into an 87-year-old war veteran’s home in 2013. He was looking to steal some money and ended up murdering the elderly victim.

The Durham Court was said “Welburn, 39, kept going missing on her shifts to have sex with Crompton, 29, in a cleaning cupboard in the prison.”

Crompton told the authorities about their affair out of spite and revenge, once he realized Welburn was not willing to leave her husband, who worked as a warder at the jail too.

When the affair emerged Welburn denied the affair and claimed Crompton raped her. That alleged fabrication was confirmed as not true, when police found their love letters in Crompton’s cell.

Welburn’s attorney, Joanne Kidd said, “Welburn was ashamed and regretful for her actions. She cannot explain why she behaved this way.” Welburn admitted to misconduct and was sentenced a year in jail.

Judge Christopher Prince said, “The public does not expect prisoners, irrespective of the offences they have committed, to be engaging in sexual relationships when they should be serving their sentences.”

Via: Yahoo

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