Marlon Brando Cheated on Rita Moreno, and Drove Her Into the Arms of Elvis


He was Marlon Brando.

Rising star, the Hollywood heartthrob with the sultry eyes that every girl in America loved.  

She was Rita Moreno.

The Puerto Rican star of  West Side Story, with a voice like an angel, and the knack for catching every man’s eye.

These two Hollywood stars began a relationship that lasted eight years.

This was the love story that movies are based on…or was it?

They seemed like the perfect couple in a storybook romance.  They were the couple that every man and woman in America, and around the world, wanted to be.  But deep down, things were not as they seemed.  Marlon Brando was a serial cheater that never appreciated Rita Moreno or what he had with her.  

Rita Moreno worshipped the ground that Marlon Brando walked on. She wanted so badly to marry him and be with him forever.  But more often than not, she would find the evidence of his affairs and sexual flings.  He did not even care to hide the evidence.  Panties, bras and other remnants of his sexual conquests were found carelessly strewn about his office only to be found by the woman who loved him.  Oftentimes, Rita would be reduced to tears and retreat back home.


Rita Moreno was able to exact her revenge on Marlon Brando.  After finding lingerie from another of Marlon’s tristes, Rita received a call from Colonel Parker, Elvis Presley’s manager.  Elvis would like to meet Rita.  She was angry with Marlon and she knew how to get him back.  She dated the King of Rock ‘n Roll many times, knowing that the juicy news would soon get back to her steady boyfriend.  Brando wasn’t the only one that could cheat!

Was this the best way to handle this situation?

Ms. Moreno is the first one to say no, it wasn’t.

And Detective Daniel Gomez agrees.

Detective Gomez is the first one to laugh at this story, but he knows that no one should tolerate being cheated on.  And he also doesn’t agree with any acts of revenge.  Detective Gomez advises that if the proof is there, do not stay for the next time.  You deserve to be treated with respect and dignity.  You do not deserve to be cheated on, by anyone.

If you have found evidence of cheating, and do not know what to do next…call Detective Daniel Gomez immediately.  He will listen to your individual situation and advise on the steps that you should take next. Detective Gomez has years of experience in handling cases just like yours, just like Rita Moreno and Marlon Brando.  Call the Detective Gomez today!


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