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After months of hard work, Detective Gomez is finally launching his new website today, with an  all new line of self defense, security and spy tools! On his site you can find products for home security such as fake surveillance cameras and hidden ones for a specific room or your car.

He also offers self defense products you can take on the go!

For the ladies, there is a specific collection of a line of pepper sprays! For the past 20 years, Detective Gomez has been working cases within the DFW Metroplex and is familiar with taking necessary precautions to protecting yourself physically. His new line of products was launched so that his clients and customers can learn more about safety and protecting themselves on a daily basis. For  this week only, to celebrate his launch and 4th of July, you can use discount code: FREEDOM for 10% off your first purchase. Check out his site now!


Use code: FREEDOM for 10%  off your first order!



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