Kanye West Vs Kim Kardashian|Celebrity Divorce


Yes, Kanye West has rejoined Instagram…again.

Yes, Kanye West is going after Pete Davidson, Kim’s new man…again.

Yes, Kanye West is quoted in a post saying, “I HAVE FAITH THAT WE‘LL BE BACK TOGETHER…” referring to Kim K…again.

Kanye has got to get over it.

Kanye has got to move on.

When a woman is finished, and done with a man’s lying and cheating ways, she leaves and doesn’t look back.  And then she finds someone new, that treats her like a queen, like she deserves.  And then men like Kanye are left in the dust…just a bad memory.

Kanye should hook up with Lamar Odem.  We have watched Lemar whine and cry for the last two weeks on CBS’s Big Brother.  What is he upset about all the time?  His bad behavior and the way he treated Khloe.  On and on he goes about the mistakes he made and how he wishes for a second chance.  

Too little!  Too late!

Both men need to realize that their actions have consequences.  Treat people badly and they will walk right out of your life.  And you gotta let them go.  A mistake that cannot be taken back.

But it isn’t just celebrities like Kanye and Lamar.  

Many of us need to stop looking at the past and past mistakes, and just move forward.

Can you drive a car staring in the rearview mirror?  No!

You must move forward from the past, or you are going to stay in the past.

Let go of things that cause you sleepless nights, dark feelings of distrust or suspicion, and in general take more away from you than what is gained.  If you have someone in your life that isn’t contributing to your forward progress in life, you need to move on.  You need to get the validation that you deserve, and move on to better things.  Detective Daniel Gomez can get you the information you need to make these huge decisions concerning the people in your life.

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