Kanye West, On The Outside Looking In At Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson


Kanye/Kim/Pete….The Drama Lives On

Kanye West, On The Outside Looking In At Kim K. and Pete D.

And the headlines continue:

Kanye purchases a home across the street from Kim Kardashian and kids.

Kanye claims that Kim won’t let him see the children.

Kanye, Kanye, Kanye.

I know one person that doesn’t have Kanye on her mind, and that is Kim Kardashian.

After Kanye’s mental breakdowns, after his alienation of Kim and the kids during his “creative moments,”  Kanye is realizing that his past behavior has greatly impacted his future family life.

Kim K. has gotten tired of the lonely nights, the lies, and the emotional turmoil that Kanye has put her and her family through for the last few years.

And what better way to move on, than with a new love…Pete Davidson.

Kim K. and Pete Davidson’s new romance has been plastered all over the tabloids, for all to see, including Kanye.

Some would say that Kanye wants his cake and eat it too.

Others think that Kanye didn’t miss Kim K., until she was gone.

Either way, Kim K. has moved on with her life, and Kanye is unable to accept this.

Sound familiar?  Has this happened to you?  Has this happened to a friend of yours?

It happens to people in walks of life.  Breaks up happen to rich people and poor people.

Bad divorces, involving others outside of the family, can happen to anyone.

Once the relationship is broken, you cannot get it back.

People are hurt, and they move on to someone else for relief from the stress and pain.

And once someone finds a connection that relieves their pain, they rarely go back.

Do you really think that Kim K. is going to give up all this happiness to go back to the darkness she had with Kanye? I doubt it.

If your relationship is causing you stress and emotional pain, you need to take control of your life and find happiness.  You deserve it.  

You don’t deserve to lie awake at night wondering where your partner might be and who he/she may be with.

You don’t deserve to have people talking behind your back, because of what your partner has done to you or your family.

If you are experiencing problems, if you suspect your loved one is drifting to the arms of another, call Detective Daniel Gomez immediately.  If there are red flags that something is going on, do not waste any more time, get the answers you need today!  Detective Gomez can investigate your red flags, and give you the answers that you need to make the important decisions for your future happiness.

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