Jersey Shore Stars Angelina and Chris are On Again, Off Again, & On Again.


Jersey Shore Stars Angelina and Chris are On Again, Off Again, & On Again.

The Shore’s Angelina and Chris, Divorce is Called Off?

Have you heard the news?  Angelina and Chris are back together.  

What?!?  She said on the show that Chris had left, she filed for divorce, I don’t believe you.

Yes, it is true.  The Jersey Shore couple, Angelina Pavarnick and Chris Larangeira have been seen back together and wearing their wedding rings. Sources say that a judge has dismissed the divorce proceedings, even after the leaked videos of Angelina and her new mystery man during their late night rendezvous.

What is Chris thinking?

What does he think that he will gain from staying with a cheating wife?

Isn’t he embarrassed, all that video that has been floating around social media?

I would be embarrassed.  I would never show my face on the Jersey Shore again.  


Because statistics show that Grandma was right…Once a cheater always a cheater.  Research has shown that people that have cheated previously, do not have issues cheating again. 

Think of it this way, “Her conscious didn’t stop her the first time, why would she feel guilty the second and third time she had an affair?”

Not to mention the shame of a wife that cheats on her husband.  

Everyone knows that Chris is Angelina’s toy, and that she can do anything she wants .  Chris will be waiting at home for her.  Can you say… doormat?

Chris needed to call the metro’s best…..

Detective Daniel Gomez. 

Chris needed someone to track Angelina down, get the video, and present it to him in a professional manner.  Chris needed to know the truth, and Detective Gomez has experience doing just this. 

Detective Daniel Gomez could have tracked Angelina with the latest technology, and brought Chris to a realization of the facts. Without losing face, without the guys giving him crap.

Contact Detective Daniel Gomez, for all your investigation needs.  He is an experienced professional that can keep your personal business private.


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