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Jennifer Lopez:  Nobody’s Fool

After Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck broke up, everyone was rooting for Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez.  After the failure of the relationship with Ben Affleck, the beautiful and talented Jennifer Lopez deserved to be happy.  Alex and Jennifer made a seemingly perfect couple.  The headlines were full of the two of them smiling for the cameras, raising the children, and traveling the world. 

But as in many celebrity couples, there was turmoil in the shadows. A-Rod was really not as devoted a family man that he portrayed.  Soon there was a break up and we are again heartbroken that what seemed like a successful couple has fallen prey to issues like distrust and suspicion.

Many of us ask, “Why?  Why didn’t she at least try to go to counseling with Alex Rodriguez?”  

Jennifer’s response was simply – trust.  She no longer trusted A-Rod.  And probably for good reason.  Since the breakup, A-Rod has been reportedly making his rounds at several celebrity parties, bachelor pads, and romps with many beautiful young women.  It appears that Mr. Rodriguez has a taste for the young beauties.

Studies have shown that the consequences of staying with an unfaithful spouse are far higher than we ever imagined.  Research has been conducted on the results of affairs in relationships.  These studies showed that it takes at least 5 years for the relationship to get back on track and on solid ground.  Who wants to put themselves through 5 years of wondering, distrust, anger, and regret?  And this is only successful if both people are willing to admit their actions fully and are regretful.

Jennifer Lopez knew that having a partner like A-Rod was not worth it. Wasting no time, she knew that her energies were better spent on living her life with someone she could trust.  She could not spend one more minute being unhappy, and Jennifer began rekindling the spark with Ben Affleck.  This is a better life strategy that will yield more success than trying to fix a broken relationship.  When the partnership is over, it is really over.  Ask Jennifter and Ben.

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