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Jeffree Star: Threats of Bodily Harm

Love That Comes With a Threat

Jeffree Star….we have all heard his name.  He is the makeup artist, Youtube influencer, and star of Hollywood gossip sites.

Jeffree Star is not just known for his skills in beauty and makeup, but he is also known for his sexual escapades.  Very vocal about his sexuality, Jeffree Star has eagerly broadcast his encounters with many different partners.  This long list of willing participants with Star, both unknown and known personalities, are not as willing to be “outed” by Jeffree as his ex, basketball player Andre Marhold.  There have been promises of anonymity, threats of violence, and Star has even reportedly received death threats if he reveals the names of some of his sexual partners.

Kanye West is even involved in a legal dispute with Star, resulting from Star’s online announcement of a secret rendezvous with West that was arranged through Kanye’s bodyguard.

Jeffree has traded his carefree life for one of paranoia and loneliness.  He has decided to engage in sex with people that are not proud of their actions.  These participants are ashamed of their relationship with Jeffree Star and want to hide the event(s). His partners have threatened Star with bodily injury and even death in a few cases. 

What are some of the results of these relationships?  We can only speculate, but researchers have studied what these types of relationships have caused in the victims.

He is more than likely feeling confused as to who he really is, a loss of self worth and self esteem, generally speaking an emotional roller coaster.

And what is the pay off for this behavior?  What does Star get out of “hooking up” with these NBA stars and the famous rappers?  There does not seem to be a positive benefit to this lifestyle.  It appears that all that Star has gained is death threats and hatred.  There is no security or true affection involved with these types of relationships.

Are you in a relationship, in which your partner is ashamed of you?

Have you ever been threatened when you spoke of revealing your relationship?

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