January, New Year, New Relationships And Breakups!


With the New Year come new beginnings and ambitious desires. Whether your New Years’ resolution was to get into the dating scene or out. January might be the ideal month to start or end your relationship.

January tends to be the hottest month to start dating. It is a New Year and many singles want a fresh start and are looking for new relationship. According to sources, January is the month online dating sites and apps are busiest as hopeful singles search for love, a date or simply to meet someone new.

If you are looking to start a new relationship January can be the month to make it happen, because there is that excitement about the New Year and starting something wonderful and new. January signifies a new start, as many people are ready to recommit themselves to finding someone special after the holidays.

On the other hand, research has revealed that January is also a popular time for couples to break up. January, unofficially has been crowned National Break-Up Month and is the biggest divorce month. According to a survey, twice as many break-ups happen in January than any other month. The main reason is because many couples wait until just after the holiday season to divorce or break-up because people don’t want to get divorced during the holidays.

Other reasons for January being the biggest break-up month is the ‘stress of Christmas’ financial problems, depressing weather and family pressures pulling partners apart, plus ‘wanting a fresh start in the New Year’. If your New Year resolutions included waving goodbye to your partner January is the month to do it. Get out with the old and in with the new, because it is a great start for new beginnings.

Via: Reader’s Digest/ Bustle

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