Do you ever get the feeling that your partner is hiding something? Perhaps they are. However, there are many reasons as to why you may be feeling this way. The first to consider is to ask yourself: Are you hiding something from them? Be honest with yourself and if the answer is yes, then that might be the reason as to why you are being suspicious. We tend to think that others are doing what we are. If you’re not hiding anything and you still feel this way, then look out for some of these behaviors. If your partner used to leave the phone in plain sight and now they’re hiding it; if the phone rings on vibrate and they suddenly disappear to the other room; or, if you’re feeling distant emotionally and in bed. These could all be signs of infidelity. But Instead of jumping to conclusions, you need to open up communication.

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Find out if your partner is happy with you by having an open and honest conversation and asking them. Be sure to be calm, mature, and loving. You’ll be surprised how much your partner would appreciate you asking them about how they feel. Most people don’t talk about their feelings because they don’t think their partner wants to know. Be prepared for them to tell you they’re not happy or to deny what you were feeling or seeing. If that is the case, you’ve got some decisions to make. Whatever you do, remain calm. If they are indeed having an affair it’s better to find out for sure and make a decision about whether to end your relationship or try to work on it. But you will need proof. You can always opt for smart spyware you can get on this webpage. If you really want answers, contact me and I’ll do the investigative work for you.

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