Is There Really A Difference?  Sex vs Making Love


He Says It’s Just Sex…It Doesn’t Mean Anything

Is There Really A Difference?  Sex vs Making Love

It is one of the oldest stories around:  Guy marries the girl.  Guy cheats on the girl.  Guy tells the girl that it was just sex, it didn’t mean a thing.  I still love you.  Girl believes the guy and stays……and you know the rest.

Is there a difference between making love and having sex?  

Should a cheater be forgiven because the affair was just a casual act and did not mean a thing to either party?

It depends on who you ask.

Scientists and researchers have known for a long time that human DNA is written in order to continue the species through the act of intercourse.  Plainly put…having sex and making babies.  The phrase “making love” refers to an act between two or more people that is rooted in an emotional connection between the participants.  So when we ask if there is a difference between “making love” and “having sex”, we are really talking about two totally different activities. One casual activity and one committed activity.  So according to science, the answer is yes there is a difference.

But most of us are not looking at our life decisions like a group of scientists. So in regards to infidelity in a relationship, “is there a difference between the two acts?” 

There are other factors that must be considered. Feelings and emotions are not factored into the scientific definitions.  Women are more emotional and are wired to have a deep connection with their love making partners. Not just a primal need to repopulate the Earth like the men that use the “it didn’t matter” excuse.  

Now is there a difference between the two phrases?

NO!  There is no difference.  Let’s go back to the original story.  Guy tells the girl that is was just sex with the other girl and that it didn’t matter.  

WRONG!  It may not have mattered to the two participating in sex, but there is a third person to consider.  It mattered to his girl.  It was not an irrelevant event of the day to his soulmate.  In short, if there was a “need” for him to have sex, he should have been with the one that he shares an emotional bond.  That is what the relationship is based upon.

If you think that you may be the “third” person in the relationship story…you matter.  Your feelings matter.  It wasn’t “just sex” to the other person in the relationship.  Don’t let your feelings get swept under the rug and forgotten.  Call Detective Daniel Gomez.  Let him find out if you are the third person.  Detective Gomez is experienced in finding out the information and delivering it to the client in a compassionate manner.  He can save you from being the third person. Subscribe to this blog and visit

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