Introducing Angela Mata Law


Introducing Angela Mata Law

SMU Law School Alumni, Angela Mata has been fighting for justice in the Dallas area for more than 10 years. Her extensive and incredibly impressive career includes practice areas in criminal defense, such as misdemeanor offenses, family law such as child custody and more.

Being born in Dallas, Angela has fought hard from the start to get to where she is today, putting herself through graduate and law school and her own share of personal battles, as well as friends and family have given her the motivation to help others. Her drive and ambition has made her an Associate Judge in Hutchins, Texas as well as an Affiliate Professor at UNT’s College of Law, where lucky students get to learn, gain inspiration and advice from a strong, intelligent, successful woman. All of her achievements have also come from the passion and kindness to help those who she believes deserve a second chance in life and fair representation. Angela’s personal connections and strong roots in the Dallas community from living in the city her whole life make her extremely familiar with the law enforcement, politics and the court system.Trust that with Angela you will get a hardworking, committed, kind and ruthless lawyer who will fight for the justice she believes you deserve. She says, “nothing comes easy and with this knowledge I feel a personal understanding for people going through hard times”.

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