Infidelity and “The Lie”


One Small Lie Can Turn Into a Devastating Avalanche of Deception

You Just Can’t Tell Just One

Oh, what a tangled web we weave…When first we practice to deceive.  -Walter Scott

It starts with a small lie, just a little white lie.  

Everyone tells them, no one will know.

That’s what we tell ourselves to quiet the voice of consciousness.

But usually, telling the white lie is not the end.  Then there are the repercussions…..

Remembering the facts of the lie is not easy.

But like the quote says, this turns into a sticky web of deception that you cannot get out of easily.  You keep telling more and more lies to cover for the original white lie, and soon you are completely wrapped up in a story that you must keep going.

And the more white lies that are told, the easier it becomes to be deceptive.  

He tells his wife that he just stopped for one drink…

She tells her boyfriend that it was just the girls that she was with…

Is it a harmless white lie?

Is it a lie that comes off the tongue with ease?

Beware!  This is a sign of future deception.

Let’s ask a professional.  Detective Daniel Gomez, private investigator, has over 30 years of experience with liars and deceivers.  He has seen and heard almost every lie used, from the white lies to the years of deception of a bad marriage.  

Detective Gomez says, “If he/she will lie to you about a small thing, they will definitely lie to you about the important issues.”  His experience is that once a lie is told, and believed by the other person, the liar knows that he/she can get away with deception.  

Private investigators recommend that if your loved one is telling white lies, this should be a red flag.  Seemingly harmless fibs can start to accumulate quickly.  And where there is one lie, there are probably other lies waiting to be discovered.  

Ask yourself, “If she will lie to me about something small, what else would she lie about?”

Then call Detective Daniel Gomez.  He can track down the lies and the deception.  His experience makes him the best person to solve the mysteries that are lurking in your relationships.  He can determine if your loved one is honest and worthy of your love, or if the liar needs to be confronted with the truth.

Get the truth today, call Detective Daniel Gomez.  You deserve the truth.


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