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Why do you need  this Infidelity Masterclass?

You feel lost and need some direction. 

You have never experienced the emotional rollercoaster caused by a cheating partner.

Infidelity can turn your life upside down from one day to the next.  It will overtake your thoughts.  Detective Gomez is one of the only detectives that has walked in your shoes.  He has been where you are right now.  He knows the emotional toll that infidelity can take on your well being. After years devoted to his career in  law enforcement, Detective Gomez turned to professional investigations.. He became the Chief Detective for a world renowned television show, for over 22 years where he exposed spouses suspected of infidelity. This show revolved around the tracking of unfaithful partners, and taught Detective Gomez the tricks of undercover surveillance.

It was during this time that Detective Gomez experienced the harsh reality of infidelity, when his longtime girlfriend betrayed him..  He has taken this life changing crisis and added his many years of experience in investigations and surveillance, and created  this MasterClass to help people just like you.  Detective Daniel Gomez does not want anyone to experience the suffering that he did.. He wants you to know how to be aware of the red flags, and what to do when infidelity rears its ugly head.  Detective Gomez is the detective that you want in your corner, helping you every step of this difficult journey.

Enroll today!! Be the first to know!! Not the last!


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Detective Gomez has utilized his many years of service in the police force, and used his experience and training to become an exceptional investigator.

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