Indiana Woman Tracks Her Way To Murder Charges| Kills him after finding him with another woman’


Good Intentions, Gone Bad

Recently, it has been reported that an Indianapolis woman has been charged with the murder of her boyfriend after tracking him with an Apple AirTag, a commonly used device, usually used on possessions, not boyfriends.  After tracking him to a bar, she witnessed him with another woman.  And that is where this innocent information collecting trip turns deadly.

After confronting the boyfriend in a bar, the woman attempts to attack the supposed “other woman” by swinging an empty wine bottle.  The boyfriend diffuses the situation and they are thrown out of the establishment.  While in the parking lot, the woman’s rage takes over and she repeatedly runs over her boyfriend with her SUV, killing him.

She drove her SUV into him, and then backed up over him again.

This violent display of jealousy and rage did not have to happen.

There are many ways that this event could have been handled in a more healthy way.

Detective Daniel Gomez is horrified by this report and wants everyone to know that this is not the way to conduct surveillance. She should have never let her emotions become involved.  

He says that this should have been a fact finding mission, period.

Detective Gomez advises that she should have hired a private detective to handle her case.  She was okay to do the tracking of the boyfriend, but the minute that she felt rage, she needed to go home and process the information that she had just received.  She should have never entered the bar, in her current state of mind.

Detective Daniel Gomez would like to point out that by hiring a private detective, she would have had an impartial, unbiased, unemotional partner to assist her with every step of the information collecting process.  If she would have hired Detective Gomez, she would have had someone on her side.  Someone to ensure that she was receiving the information in a healthy and constructive manner. Someone to assist in planning her next steps to take.

If you suspect that your loved one is cheating, and would like to know the facts, do not hesitate, call Detective Daniel Gomez today.  He can advise you on tracking/surveillance equipment, how to use it and how to approach your individual situation.  He will consult with you in a confidential setting, avoiding any embarrassment or negative emotions that may arise.  He is trained to be unbiased in his processes, and unemotional when the information is collected.  His years of experience can stop a bad situation from becoming deadly.

Don’t become enraged and lose control of your emotions when dealing with a cheating loved one.  Let a qualified professional handle the work, call Detective Daniel Gomez for all your tracking needs.




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